Plant Iowa Native

If you are interested in planting a prairie, restoring a savanna, maintaining a wetland, or constructing wildlife habitat, Plant Iowa Native is a great place to get started. From backyard landscaping to landowner habitat restoration programs, Plant Iowa Native can help you find the information, resources, vendors and professional services you need to make it happen!

You will find links to information about native plants, sources for seeds, plant materials, tips on landscaping, and incentive programs for conservation and preservation. Also find links to educational resources and organizations. Perhaps best of all, find professional service providers for everything from site preparation and installation to restoration and management, including prescribed (Rx) fire!

Get started now and Plant Iowa Native!

Mission Statement

Plant Iowa Native works to promote, educate, and create awareness of the use of native plants for horticultural, conservation, and habitat-improvement across Iowa.



Explore the Resources page for more information on native plants, plant materials, and professional services for utilizing native plants on the landscape